International Conference on Nuclear medicine and Radiation therapy

International Conference on Nuclear medicine and Radiation therapy

16/07/2018 - 17/07/2018


Πόλη : Madrid

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International Conference on Nuclear medicine and Radiation therapy

Meetings International proudly announces the “International Conference on Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy” which emphasizes the theme “Tailoring precision diagnostics and therapy for improved personalized medicine”. This conference brings together nuclear medicine physicians, technicians, academicians, scientists, students and business delegates from around 50 countries of 5 continents. The highlights of this conference include Nuclear Imaging and Medicine, Quantitative Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine, Clinical Nuclear Medicine, Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Medicine in Oncology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiological Imaging in Sports Injuries, Cardiac Nuclear Medicine, Quality in Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Radiopharmacy, Radionuclide Therapy, Radioguided Surgery, Radiology of Infectious Diseases, Radionuclide Imaging of Infection and Inflammation, Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer, Diagnostic Endosonography, Molecular Imaging and Integrated Therapy, Radiation Protection, Management Of Therapy Patients.

Program: Keynote Forum, Workshop, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, Young Research Forum

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